Mar 21, 2015

Saddest meal of my life

Christmas dinner at work. Just looking at it makes me nauseous. It wasn't THAT bad, but the whole idea of having this alone on Christmas is just... No, the meal was actually gross tasting, let's be honest here. 


Cats are expert at begging. 

Same old meat and vegs.

Pork. Vegs. The usual. 

I've taught her "steak"

She loves rare steak. She goes nuts over it. I may have made a mistake introducing her to rare steak. 


And vegs.

Boring but good

I don't know how, but the steak was excellent. 

Stew... Again.

Self explanatory. 


It was essentially perfect. 

There may be some fish there

And the Brussels sprouts weren't horrible somehow. 

Pizza 73

This is made with crack and heroin. Or catnip. Or something. But dammit, those are some damn good wings. 


It was an act of desperation. The fish lived in my freezer for a year. But mayo + cream of veg soup do wonders for freezer burn. 


Crappe photo quality, but like Metallica said, the Memory Remains. Or whatever. 

Steel cut oats
Some other grain

Cabbage and beef

The title lied. These are pork ribs.

Salmon and mushrooms

I finally acquired that smoked salmon cream cheese and made salmon. 


Nothing new here. Memo: get some damn lemons for next time. Seriously, me.