Nov 17, 2015

Hot chocolate idea

Stolen off the internet. Suggestion: Bailey's.


Much better this time! Secret: oil and flour. 

Spontaneous combustion

2 mins is too long for two hotdogs in the microwave. Next time: 1m30s.

Steak (pan fried)

Made mine to medium rare. It worked out pretty much perfectly. I don't know how. High heat on one side, low heat on the other side on a thick non-stick pan. 

Nov 1, 2015


Love this stuff. 
Fiber, protein and health. 

Gnocchi with meat sauce

Just took ground beef, fried it, and added tomato sauce. The gnocchi was great. Must watch while cooking, it foams and runs out of the pot. 


Perogies with blueberry filling. Mmmm


These are made with (real) cottage cheese. Recipes online. Need egg, flour, sugar. Didn't really work out all that well, I'm guessing not enough oil. Will know next time!

Oct 25, 2015

Fancy chocolate place

There's a famous chocolaterie in Vancouver and I can't remember its name. 

Restaurant chicken Caesar salad

The chicken was grilled with some sort of Thai sauce, and there were cranberries and salad dressing. That's all I remember, but it was such a good (and filling!) salad.

Ejiki (hedgehogs)

Ingredients this time:
Ground beef, ground pork, onion, egg, milk-soaked bread, rice, diced tomatoes. 

More from imgur

Bagels with pizza sauce and pepperoni, 
And zucchini with pizza sauce and tomatoes. Fantastic versions of pizza. Will try one day. 

Tuna melt - stolen from imgur

Ingredients as listed. Photo does not match ingredients. I'm missing the most important ingredient - cheese - and therefore cannot try this without getting off my ass and going to buy cheese. It will have to wait. 

The doctor said to eat more fish

The salmon burger from SaveOn was ridiculously salty. Like they accidentally spilled salt into it and didn't tell anybody. This was annoying, because otherwise it would be a great burger.

Smoked salmon cream cheese for "sauce". 

Oct 11, 2015

Beef and potatoes!

I saw a FB post about sausage and potatoes and really wanted it. All I had at home was potatoes and beef patties, and some frozen vegs. The result is pretty great actually! And smells delicious. 

Sep 30, 2015


My fridge is empty but since they taste like potatoes anyway, I had them with ketchup. A bit dry, and if I had some energy or desire, I should have added some sort of proteiny veg, but I didn't. 

Sep 25, 2015

Lazy meal

Salad as mentioned. Portobello mushroom replacing the bun for the burger. Cheese. And boxed scalloped potatoes. I love those stupid things. It says 4 servings but the entire little box barely feeds one person (me).

Salad "Терка"

Beets, carrots, dry plums, walnuts, apple. Intense fiber for all your constipated gastrointestinal needs. Also a fantastic health boost. 

Vegetarian burger

Stolen from somewhere online

Cabbage stew

Beef, cabbage, sauerkraut, onions, carrots, parsley, cilantro. Good stuff. Smells funny, tastes great. Healthy. 

Beef roast

Done in oven. Peppers lightly roasted on high heat. 

My grandmother's salad

She would grate carrots and let them sit in the fridge with some sugar. Best dessert ever. 

Revision of roast

We felt unwell, and the roast was a bit dry. So I put it in a pot with some pickles and pickle juice to soften the meat and potatoes. It worked well. Also potatoes went remarkably well with the smoked salmon. Probably my favorite way now to eat smoked salmon and potatoes. 

Jun 22, 2015


Last time I made this, I cut the pieces too big and regretted it. This time - perfection. 


Heavenly delicious. 

Jun 20, 2015


Beef liver, sour cream, and peas, over mashed potatoes. 


Farmed salmon, smoked salmon cream cheese, broccoli/cauliflower, and Kraft dinner pasta for fun. 

Mar 21, 2015

Saddest meal of my life

Christmas dinner at work. Just looking at it makes me nauseous. It wasn't THAT bad, but the whole idea of having this alone on Christmas is just... No, the meal was actually gross tasting, let's be honest here. 


Cats are expert at begging. 

Same old meat and vegs.

Pork. Vegs. The usual. 

I've taught her "steak"

She loves rare steak. She goes nuts over it. I may have made a mistake introducing her to rare steak. 


And vegs.

Boring but good

I don't know how, but the steak was excellent. 

Stew... Again.

Self explanatory. 


It was essentially perfect. 

There may be some fish there

And the Brussels sprouts weren't horrible somehow. 

Pizza 73

This is made with crack and heroin. Or catnip. Or something. But dammit, those are some damn good wings. 


It was an act of desperation. The fish lived in my freezer for a year. But mayo + cream of veg soup do wonders for freezer burn. 


Crappe photo quality, but like Metallica said, the Memory Remains. Or whatever. 

Steel cut oats
Some other grain

Cabbage and beef

The title lied. These are pork ribs.

Salmon and mushrooms

I finally acquired that smoked salmon cream cheese and made salmon. 


Nothing new here. Memo: get some damn lemons for next time. Seriously, me. 

Jan 3, 2015



Potatoes, eggs, peas, imitation crab, pickles, mayo. Yum. 

Home-made nachos

You know what, these were amazing. Better than restaurant!

We had pre-made chicken breast, so we pulled it into tiny pieces and mixed with BBQ sauce. 

Then I layered nachos, chicken, olives and jalapeños. And cheese. Three layers! Every single nacho had each of the ingredients (except jalapeños, I was sparing on those).

A quick 10 minute grill in the oven and voila! 

Man, I really want these now. Like, right now. 


Unique smoked salty fish that's pan-fried per instructions, and salmon with a touch of mayo and an onion, done in the oven. 

Salmon patties

They weren't that good :(

If doing anything salmon, I'd suggest actual salmon. 

Lovely snack

Sausage and cucumber.