Sep 30, 2015


My fridge is empty but since they taste like potatoes anyway, I had them with ketchup. A bit dry, and if I had some energy or desire, I should have added some sort of proteiny veg, but I didn't. 

Sep 25, 2015

Lazy meal

Salad as mentioned. Portobello mushroom replacing the bun for the burger. Cheese. And boxed scalloped potatoes. I love those stupid things. It says 4 servings but the entire little box barely feeds one person (me).

Salad "Терка"

Beets, carrots, dry plums, walnuts, apple. Intense fiber for all your constipated gastrointestinal needs. Also a fantastic health boost. 

Vegetarian burger

Stolen from somewhere online

Cabbage stew

Beef, cabbage, sauerkraut, onions, carrots, parsley, cilantro. Good stuff. Smells funny, tastes great. Healthy. 

Beef roast

Done in oven. Peppers lightly roasted on high heat. 

My grandmother's salad

She would grate carrots and let them sit in the fridge with some sugar. Best dessert ever. 

Revision of roast

We felt unwell, and the roast was a bit dry. So I put it in a pot with some pickles and pickle juice to soften the meat and potatoes. It worked well. Also potatoes went remarkably well with the smoked salmon. Probably my favorite way now to eat smoked salmon and potatoes.