Mar 30, 2014

Mushroom pork

This turned out surprisingly good. 

Pork, done on Teflon 
Hash browns
Mushroom soup used as sauce

It would have made sense to use actual mushrooms as well, but I didn't have any.

Salmon dinner

Salmon with smoked salmon cream cheese
Mushrooms prepared with smoked salmon cream cheese
Imitation crab leg

Seafood style

I had smoked salmon and wanted to make dinner that would go well with it. When searching "smoked salmon food pairings", the internet only shows wine or crackers. So I made my own "recipe".

Cut up pieces of smoked salmon
Cut up imitation crab leg
Leafy veggies
Grape tomatoes
Smoked salmon cream cheese

And on the side, more imitation crab leg and smoked salmon. 


Best meatballs I've ever made. Not following a recipe, but somehow it worked. Hopefully that's a reliable recipe now. 

Ground beef (2 pkg)
Ground pork (1 pkg)
One egg
One piece of bread, soaked in milk
Onions if not lazy (I was lazy)

I fried them on a Teflon pan before stewing. 

For stew sauce, I used sour cream, ketchup, tomato sauce, and a hint of BBQ sauce. 

Buckwheat and steel cut oats. 

Leftover deliciousness

Made meatballs with buckwheat, but ran out of buckwheat. Got this bake-at-home ciabatta bread, and put the meatballs inside. It was excellent.