Jan 3, 2015



Potatoes, eggs, peas, imitation crab, pickles, mayo. Yum. 

Home-made nachos

You know what, these were amazing. Better than restaurant!

We had pre-made chicken breast, so we pulled it into tiny pieces and mixed with BBQ sauce. 

Then I layered nachos, chicken, olives and jalapeños. And cheese. Three layers! Every single nacho had each of the ingredients (except jalapeños, I was sparing on those).

A quick 10 minute grill in the oven and voila! 

Man, I really want these now. Like, right now. 


Unique smoked salty fish that's pan-fried per instructions, and salmon with a touch of mayo and an onion, done in the oven. 

Salmon patties

They weren't that good :(

If doing anything salmon, I'd suggest actual salmon. 

Lovely snack

Sausage and cucumber. 

Just another omelette

Seriously, what's the proper spelling, omelet or omelette??

Christmas lunch at work

From some fancy hotel. 

They were big on seafood this year, so while most people were enjoying the various meats, I went nuts over the scallops and shrimp. 


Only the best idea for a night time snack ever

I have these super dried out PC cracker things. I can't chew through them, because they hurt my teeth and gums. 

Buuuut, if you put some jalapeño Monterey Jack on them, and microwave them for a minute, they turn into heavenly morsels of smooth melted cheese and bread. 

Syrniki (сырники)

I visited the Russian store and got some fruit perogies (called syrniki). I figured they'd go well with actual fruit. 

They did. 

Spaghetti omelet

I have a thing for spaghetti omelets. They're like Mac n cheese omelets, only a ton better. Of course, smothered in cheese. I put in some meatballs, too. 


Fancy way to cook them!

Ribs in a motel

We packed some home made ribs for our ski trip. But I forgot plates and forks. Using the plastic lid from the container as a plate! Lovely dinner in a motel.  

Our turkey!

Post-new year turkey and salad

One of my favourite salads. 

Chinese cabbage, imitation crab leg, corn, and a touch of mayo. 

The turkey breast had dried out by now, so I made the cranberry "sauce" by microwaving some frozen cranberries and mashing them with generous honey (wow those things are sour!!).