Dec 28, 2013

Restaurant meal

Snow peas and fettuccine. With some kind of meat. I think shrimp. It was really good, though I think the only difference between what I make at home is the amount of fat and salt they use. 

Fruit salad

Same friend. Amazing. 


My friend made these. They were excellent. 

Restaurant meal

Blackened salmon with mango chutney, rice, vegs. 

My standard meal at this restaurant. It's always good. 


Steak and shrimp. It was good. 


I think these are salmon bits stuffed with crab. It looked good; I'm sure it was. 

This is from some backed-up version of photos from a couple of years ago. 


It makes everything better!

Leftover meatballs
Some kind of meat
Asparagus (steamed)
Jalapeño cheese


I present to you - my cooking qualifications! Off some website quiz of some sort - obviously legitimate and reliable!


There's no source stated, so who the hell knows. But I guess it's motivation. Although, define "home cooked"?

Not that good

This is Montana's cook house. Or whatever it's called. 

The food was expensive and absolutely awful. 

The beer was good. 

If we ever go there again - if - it will be for beer only. 

Montreal food

An amazing meal. Their seafood salad was so incredible, I had three helpings. Then I had to be rolled out of the buffet because I couldn't really move. 

A giant pile of smoked meat


Smoked meat restaurant in Montreal. It was superb. Ridiculously delicious. And SO MUCH MEAT. 

Oh yeah, the cole slaw was also nice. 

How to roast vegetables

Excellent link. I don't want to lose it. Interestingly, the way I roast my veggies is almost exactly what they advertise. Yay intuition!

It wasn't that good

For a fancy restaurant and the price, I expected better. 

The ribs were massive, as advertised, but they certainly weren't "falling off the bone". The meat had to be ripped off the bone violently with teeth. They were also burnt. It wasn't so much meat, as bone leftovers burnt to a crisp. 

The wine was good. The veggies were wonderful. The potato was standard. 

Ribs and sauerkraut

Every couple of months, I have a rib craving that intensifies until satisfied. 

Mashed potatoes
Costco giant jar of sauerkraut
Ribs, slow cooked to oblivion
Budweiser BBQ sauce
Beans for an illusion of health

Japanese theme

I recalled my friend praising the benefits of udon noodles: they don't need a fridge, they last for ages, they're easy to make, and are delicious. The memory appeared randomly while I was shopping. 

So I bought some. Well. Like, twenty packages. And after tasting the meal, I have no regrets. 

Udon noodles
Chicken breast
Shrimp (de-tailed)
Vegs (from frozen)
Asian seasonings: soy sauce, hoisin sauce

I strongly recommend against pea pods. I always choke on them. Unless they're raw and peeled by me. 

Dec 22, 2013

I don't recommend frozen potatoes

Even if they're sweet potatoes, barbecued/grilled. This is the second time I try them, and they're just not right. I think juicy vegs are okay with being frozen - like peppers and corn and peas and even carrots - but the mushy stuff does not freeze well. Goes for bananas too by the way. Unless you're using them in a smoothie. Anyway, I digress...

Mashed potatoes
Frozen potatoes (to compare)
Some sort of protein


I think that's how you spell it...

I was, as usual, aimlessly wandering the aisles of Saveon, when I came upon a product titled Schnitzel. I recalled immediately that, on a whim, I had purchased a giant jar of sauerkraut at Costco the week prior. This was obviously a match created by fate. 

I pared it with some sort of a side and some veggies, as per my standard style. 

It was superb. 

Restaurant meal

This was at Cactus club (for future reference).

Lamb meatballs (or bison? Some sort of exotic meat)
Angel hair pasta
Truffle oil
Some kind of soft cheese (goat or feta)

I particularly liked the truffle oil. I would like to use it in cooking, but I'm worried I'll use too much. I need to learn how to use it. 

Last hashbrown meal (for now)

As you can see, I kind of went on a hashbrown spree for a while there. 

This is the same business but with egg. 

+/- protein

Hashbrown breakfast

I discovered hashbrowns at Saveon. This opened up a whole world of fast recipes. Although it's not that hard to grate some up at home. And I really should. But for those days when I'm too lazy (so... every day), this is just perfect. 

Also: I had some smoked salmon in the fridge. It had been there for a few days, and wasn't as awesome as it was initially (but still pretty good). It made an absolutely perfect addition to an already fantastic meal. 

This particular dish was unbelievably fantastic. By far one of my absolute favourites. 

Hash browns
Smoked salmon
Smoked cheese
Smoked paprika

Hash browns and beef

Not sure where this one came from. I guess just an experiment in awesome. 

Ground beef (with a bit of ground pork), extra lean
Hashbrowns (admittedly premade - from Saveon)
Veggies (the hash browns go best with the pea-corn-carrot mix)
Some smoked paprika 

Butter chicken (kind of)

Chicken breast sautéed on butter
Butter chicken curry

Not enough curry. I should have used more. I also need cream. 

Tomato and basil

This was a genius inspiration. In my humble opinion. 

Sundried tomato and basil pasta
Tomato and basil pasta sauce
Real tomato and real basil
Chicken broth added to chicken breast
Veggies (peppers in this dish)
Smoked cheese
Smoked paprika

Still alive!

Two things happened:

1. My phone camera broke, preventing me from taking photos. 

2. I had to replace my phone, and have not backed up my photos, making me lose most of them. 

3. I have now taken photos, and will upload them whenever I'm bored. 

4. I will start right now. 

5. Shopping has been difficult, because I can never decide what to buy/make, and I haven't been able to check my own blog for my own ideas - until now. 

6. Yay new phone!

7. I obviously can't count.