Nov 15, 2014

Apparently, I'm the meat eater in this family

He gets burgers, and I get steak. Damn good steak at that. Still in Boulder. 

Boulder, Co

Whatever those little things were, they were incredible. Mushrooms stuffed with something. 


The shrimp cocktail was followed by shrimp salad. Superb. Expensive, but superb. 

Shrimp cocktail

I've never yet had a bad shrimp cocktail. This was at a Mexican restaurant in Boulder, Co. Drool. 


Some kind of roast beef. And Rickard's white or something similar. For bar food, it was great!


You know, for a restaurant, this wasn't that great a meal. It tasted good, and the meat was good, but it seemed a bit simple for a fancy place with its own wine. 


My mom made lobster, just to try it. 

It worked out really well, and tasted good, but maaaaaan is it a pain in the butt to get out. 

Salmon variation

Corn and ribs

Restaurant meal

I liked it!

Spaghetti omelet

I hadn't made this one for ages, and really wanted to revisit the old taste. 

Spaghetti, pre-cooked, thrown on a pan, with omelet mix (milk and egg) poured over top. Yum. 

Fancy restaurant meal


In my Stella glasses. I change the smoothie every time. I just add whatever frozen fruit / berries I have, and mix with whatever fluids I have. 

Hash browns and ground turkey

Such an easy meal. 

Beef and portabella mushroom

I clearly still don't know how to spell this mushroom's name. 

I used the juices that dropped from the beef/mushroom pan in the mashed potatoes for extra flavour. Was super. 

Store bought pre-made

Late night at work. Visited Saveon. It was quite good. 

Yet another stew

Okay, fine, I make a lot of stews. Sheesh. 


Spaghetti and hot dog, made with MAGIC!


I think she liked my okroshka. I know this because she tried to steal the sausage from my bowl. 

Also: don't ever cut up the pieces this big. They're supposed to be like a third of the size at most. This is where laziness did not pay off, and apparently I didn't know any better. 

I do now. Small pieces! It'll be worth the time. 

"Lazy golubtzy"

I don't think anybody knows how to spell this right. In Russian, голубцы. And to be honest. That's not really what this is.

Just diced cabbage, ground beef and rice, and some tomatoes. 

It worked out well. I added some BBQ sauce (just a touch) in addition to standard spices (salt and pepper). 

Pork and potatoes

Just your basics. 

Asparagus for taste and health. 

Slow roasted pork

I wish I remberee the combination of spices I used! It turned out simply perfectly. But of course, as usual, I just opened up the pantry and mixed things as I felt like it. There was some smoked paprika; a little lemon pepper; a little steak seasoning; and maybe a touch of garlic salt. Whatever it was, it worked. Although the most important part is the "slow-cooked" - no spices in the world will help keep the meat soft and juicy like actual slow-roasting will. 

Seafood craving - satisfied

Spaghetti, seafood medley, calamari, grape tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and of course cheese. 

Another Russian favourite

One day, I felt like making okroshka (окрошка). So I did. It takes a while, between cutting up the ingredients, and cooking the ones that need to be cooked (and then cut). But it's one of the most satisfying meals on a hot summer day. Served with watered down buttermilk (else it's too thick). Dozens to hundreds of recipes online; mine depends on what's in the fridge that day. I don't do it often, but looking at it now, I'm starting to crave it again. 


Your basic stew with beef and potatoes. I thickened it up with some flour, added flavour with pickles, and, to be honest, closely followed a Russian recipe online. It wasn't all that basic. I hate following recipes. The result was good, but cutting stuff up while looking up details on my phone withy filthy fingers was just annoying. Also, did I mention I hate recipes? 

I do recommend a recipe when using more than two or three basic ingredients. For example, when is it best to add pickles or potatoes in a stew? I've no idea. Depends on the stew and the other ingredients. 

But I still hate recipes. 


Spinach spaghetti and mushrooms. Real mushrooms, not store-grown. Amazing. 


I just wanted to make zucchini. And next to it is spaghetti squash with some vegs. I'll be honest, it was a boring meal. Not enough flour and eggs for the zucchini, and I can never figure out how make spaghetti squash not to taste like grass. I think I'm not baking it long enough. I guess, basically, this meal is too complicated for my 15 minute rule, since squash takes ages to cut, ages to cook, and then some more extra years to scoop it all out, while ridiculously hot. I like it, but bah. Too much work. 

Pretty proud of this one

So I made steaks (on a standard pan, worked well), mashed potatoes, the shrimp and veggies. It was sooooooo good. I paid good money for the steak and made it medium rare - was so worth it!

Another Hawaiian meal

Mahi mahi (amazing fish) and the standard rice and macaroni salad. 

Ultimate lazy: store salads

They were expensive, but very good. If I come home from work real late, and have zero energy to even eat, much less cook, a light but protein-y salad makes a lovely dinner. 

Smoked salmon and pasta

Because why not?

It was excellent. 

Shell pasta

I love baby shell pasta because peas tend to get stuck inside, creating awesome flavour combinations. This is basic shell pasta and vegs with generous cheese on top. I think there's some seafood medley in there, too. 

Fish filets

Something about fish filets goes really well with mashed potatoes mixed with veggies. Touch of mayo on top. I think this was sole fish but I may be wrong. 

Basic salmon

With a sick husband, I was trying to cook foods that were easy to eat with only a fork, and without needing to chase them around the plate with one hand. Plus, I wanted the food to be healthy, and delicious, to pick up his spirits. 

He loves my honey garlic salmon, and baby potatoes complement it perfectly. Plus, all of those are easy to stab with a fork. 

Fruit bouquet

My husband was sick and got this as a get-well gift. 

I've never tried these things before, and I gotta say, they were awesome. This bouquet lasted a few days in the fridge. The apples and strawberries were great, but the chocolate covered pineapples were a bit weird. Also, it turned out that's way, way too much for two people.

If you're ever ordering one of these, feel free to go with a smaller bouquet, especially if someone is in a hospital and has no fridge, and probably has a poor appetite, too. 


This was a spectacular meal. I have no idea what I put in it, besides the obvious extra lean ground beef and the rice. All I remember is it smelled ridiculously good, and tasted even better. 


Human! The dish is empty! No, I don't care that there's already food in it, refill it!

Found on the Internet

Apparently this is the angriest cat on the Internet. In all his photos, he looks this angry. This cat is awesome. 
The turkey look pretty good, too. 

Beef stew.

It worked out well. I like the part where you buy the meat pre-cut, put in on the stove with some random spices (ie BBQ sauce), and leave it there for a few hours on low heat, and then, magic! Just don't forget to throw in some (pre-cut frozen) veggies. 


So we have a Ukrainian relative who made these for a party. The sausage is from their local deli, caught and prepared in house. No words to describe this. This + beer = heaven. 


I uh, I made bacon. I kind of felt guilty about it a little bit, but geez, it's amazing. Also some kind of pre made pasta. I never like the taste, I find the meat tastes chemical-ly and same with the cheese. Actually, I find the whole thing fairly gross, but it makes for a decent meal when you really, really don't want to bother. The bacon, of course, made everything better. 

An old favourite

Salmon (honey garlic), shrimp and veggies. I desperately wished I had some smoked salmon cream cheese, but my store never carries it. 

Ground beef

I had been craving ground beef for some strange reason, but the place near my house kept not actually having any (I also only buy extra lean). So when I finally got my hands on some, I went a bit overboard. There's rigatoni pasta at the bottom of this, and havarti cheese on top. 

Chocolate covered squid?

Made on Big Island. Not as bad as you'd think. It's sweet and salty with a taste of squid. Personally, I prefer just the squid; and their chocolate quality wasn't all that good. 

We hiked up Mauna Kea

1400m, or 4600ft. Wasn't easy. But hey, we gotta do something so we can eat awesome meals. 

Mai tai


This was a superb meal. Not just the pork, which was incredibly smooth and soft, but the rest of the meal. And of course the Mai Tais. Of which we had too many and had a really tough morning the day after. 

A typical Hawaiian meal

Garlic battered shrimp with the standard white rice (not seasoned, not salted, not oiled and entirely tasteless, despite amazing rice quality) and macaroni salad. 

This was just... Wow.

I have no words to describe this meal. I have never had a more perfect "medium rare". I ordered the same dish again a few days later, and it was not the same at all.