Nov 17, 2015

Hot chocolate idea

Stolen off the internet. Suggestion: Bailey's.


Much better this time! Secret: oil and flour. 

Spontaneous combustion

2 mins is too long for two hotdogs in the microwave. Next time: 1m30s.

Steak (pan fried)

Made mine to medium rare. It worked out pretty much perfectly. I don't know how. High heat on one side, low heat on the other side on a thick non-stick pan. 

Nov 1, 2015


Love this stuff. 
Fiber, protein and health. 

Gnocchi with meat sauce

Just took ground beef, fried it, and added tomato sauce. The gnocchi was great. Must watch while cooking, it foams and runs out of the pot. 


Perogies with blueberry filling. Mmmm


These are made with (real) cottage cheese. Recipes online. Need egg, flour, sugar. Didn't really work out all that well, I'm guessing not enough oil. Will know next time!