Oct 7, 2012

A lonely (but lovely) meal

So I'm working the entire thanksgiving long weekend. I'm not excited about it. My entire building smells of roasted garlic. I couldn't be bothered to make any fancy meal, although I would not have minded turkey. I spent today doing laundry, because it's the only time I have to do it.

ANYWAY I'll stop whining.

After visiting my family last weekend, I brought back a giant bag of peppers. My ideal way to deal with giant bags of peppers is to stuff them with ground beef or something like that. But that requires time and effort, and I was feeling too sorry for myself to bother.

So here was the result of the lazy way out:

Cut up peppers, cut up potatoes from an old bag I discovered in the fridge, and frozen beans. And turkey meatballs from Saveon (premade; they come in a box). I put the potatoes in the oven first, because they take longer, then I put in the rest, covered with foil to keep moist. I added tomatoes at the very end to steam them a bit. I used to hate steamed tomatoes, but now I love them.

Olive oil, Italian seasoning, some garlic spread (for some artificial roasted garlic smell), some paprika.

It was delicious!

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