Oct 22, 2012

Best salmon recipe

I've been craving this salmon for a long time, but have been foiled every time by other delicious looking food items that I purchased instead.

Finally, I decided that the craving had to be satisfied. Sadly, the Sobeys salmon disappointed me gravely. The superstore salmons are about ten times better - no kidding. Costco salmons aren't usually very good, but they're golden compared to the Sobeys salmon I was unfortunate enough to endure.


Honey, hoisin sauce, a touch of soy sauce, minced garlic. Mix in a cup. Throw the salmon on a pan, cook halfway, turn, pour the sauce mixture. After a couple minutes, cover with a lid. The whole thing cooks on medium heat.

The result is ridiculously delicious. The honey glazes the fish and caramelizes on top, and the garlic adds a spicy touch. The hoisin sauce envelopes the salmon and brings all the flavours together.

Of note: thin sliced salmon works poorly. The thicker the better (ie superstore, not Sobeys). Skins are ok because they prevent burning. Although salmon with skin on works better on a barbeque (I seriously need to buy me a BBQ).

The result: heaven in your mouth.

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