Sep 18, 2012

Cheater meal

Safeway carries these crab-filled salmon fillets occasionally. They are delicious. They were on sale and I bought two.... Then forgot them for a while in the freezer and they dried out. But I wasn't going to waste $20, so I rubbed some mayo on them and stuck them in the oven, on foil and covered by foil, and left them on medium heat for a while. The mayo and the foil gave some nice moisture.

I also had an open bag of shrimp that was planning on dying in the freezer of freezer burn, and some zucchinis about to kick the bucket in the fridge. I just put the two together into a pan with a touch of olive oil. Again, as with all seafood, as soon as the shrimp are hot inside, they're done, else they get chewy. And zucchinis are awesome in any stage of cooking, from raw to pulverized (I struggled with a root canal for a while...)

I usually throw some random spices in there, all of which come from the store in jars. Like "Parmesan and Herbs" or "Smoked paprika and rosemary" or "Italian" or "Roasted Red Peppers" - these are my favourites.

Anyway. That was it. Some Belgian beer and grapes. And smoked cheese. The Cat ate some of my cheese because she's spoiled like that. And I figured I needed more protein, because, for some reason, I felt that fish, crab and shrimp weren't enough.

It was really good.

Cheater food because it's not made from scratch. The salmon was pre-made (but still raw).

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