Sep 18, 2012

Chicken and salad

Alright. This ain't pretty, but it's good and healthy, and super easy (well, obviously).

Chicken thighs + foil + oven + potatoes + some seasoning; ignore for half an hour (covered with foil); then throw in some vegs like cauliflower, zucchini, sweet peppers, eggplant, mushrooms. Ignore for another half hour (covered); done. Sprinkle some seasoning before ignoring.

Or, while ignoring the chicken thighs and the oven on high, throw the vegs in a pan with some olive oil, sprinkle a seasoning (I like "Italian" or "roasted peppers"). By the time the vegs are done, the thighs will be done. Vegs are easy - if you like them crispy, you only cook them until they're hot. If you like them soft and root-canal-pain compatible, you keep simmering them until they get to this point.

Oh yeah and the cabbage salad. You buy the coleslaw prepackaged at your food store of choice, squeeze a lemon (or lemon juice) into it, and a hint of salt. Mix. Done. Or MY favourite: add cranberries to the coleslaw and add a raspberry vinaigrette (also found in any grocery store).

All in all, 30 mins, and that's if you're slow. The salad takes 60 seconds.

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