Sep 26, 2012

Mushroom burger

This is a twist on an old theme: portobello (or is it portabella?) mushroom instead of a bun plus a hamburger. In this case, a tenderized beef cutlet (it was cheaper than veal). Soft cheese on top (all I had was some weird soft cheese with cranberries and pepper - it worked surprisingly well) and some spices. High protein, high satisfaction, no labour except taking the meat out of its container and putting it on the pan. Then flipping it when it's halfway done. Then, when fully done, putting it on top of the mushroom, putting that back on the pan, and covering for a few minutes.
Tastes very meaty and mushroomy.

I put sliced sweet peppers between the mushroom and the meat, for some crunch. Tomatoes will work too. And lettuce. And basically anything that goes in the burger, except for the bun.

Oh yeah and salad. Coleslaw in this case. With raspberry vinaigrette (which I do NOT recommend for coleslaw in the future, unless you have cranberries, and I was fresh out).

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