Sep 18, 2012

Veal dinner

I don't know what inspired this. I was walking down the meat isle at Saveon and noticed this delicious tenderized ground veal staring at me. It's about a centimeter thick, maybe less, so I figured - dinner in 5 minutes, literally.

Anyway, half an hour later, the veal and I reconvened over my Teflon frying pan in my rental apartment kitchen. No oil. That's the whole point of Teflon. But sometimes I forget that.


I put the veal on the pan and focused on the veggies for two minutes. Then turned the veal over and - get this, stroke of genius here (or possibly just a stroke) - put some spices on and covered the veal with some cheese (any cheese worked - it was jalapeño Monterey jack that time, I think). Then sprinkled the smoked paprika and rosemary spice on top.

I tried this same thing with all the other ground meat patties from Saveon, and it's awesome every time.

And, of course, in a separate pan (or same one, while the veal is hanging out on a plate on a warmer), my favourite vegs and mushrooms. They need a touch of olive oil though, mainly for flavour.


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