Sep 18, 2012

Delicious healthy seafood

So you can probably tell that I'm just using up my backlog of photos. Since losing the program and my photos within, I've just been taking photos of the food and leaving them on my phone.

Here's my most favourite meal ever, except for maybe every other dinner I make that takes some actual effort (ie Lipton soup doesn't count).

You take frozen seafood (whatever you like. I found that Asian markets carry the best and cheapest selection). "Seafood medley". Some medleys contain tentacled creatures, so if you don't like them, pay attention. Usually it's shrimp, mussels, clams, squid, cuttlefish. The mixes are cheaper.

Then, if in the middle of Canadian winter, you buy frozen vegs. If not, fresh vegs. And those green beans whose name I can never remember. Zucchinis and peppers work (you may have noticed a trend in my vegs here).

You put it all in a pan on medium heat (the frozen stuff will melt and give you lots of water, so I don't use oil). Cover and ignore.

Then add either tomato sauce of your liking, or hoisin/soy sauce, or teriyaki sauce, or any other sauce you want.


If you need more carbs, make some spaghetti or rice. Seafood cooks extremely fast (basically, the moment the centre is hot, it's done) and then gets chewy, so you gotta be vigilant.

That massive wok-pan was two large bags of medley, one large bag of beans, and 2 large zucchinis. It took about half an hour on medium heat.

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