Sep 18, 2012

Sunday breakfast omelette

So I've a thing against milk and eggs. I don't like either (I can handle milk in cereal). But there is something about them together that is just perfect.

I love making omelette. Usually on weekends, though if I planned ahead a little bit, I could easily do this on a weekday.

I take eggs, usually 4 for 2 people, 6 for 4 people. Beat those, then add milk. Throw in some spice.

Then on a Teflon pan, I fry some sausage / leftover chicken breast / leftover steak. Then add my favourite vegs and possibly mushrooms, and pour the egg milk mix on top. Then I cut up small pieces of cheese and sprinkle throughout the omelette (I really like jalapeƱo - flavored soft cheeses for this). I leave it for a while on low to medium heat (any higher, and it will burn). I personally also like adding tomato slices on top to steam while the rest is cooking. You know it's ready when the cheese on top is melted.

I then stir the whole thing (with a Teflon safe utensil), make sure it's cooked throughout, and serve. With some smoked paprika on top. It has minimal taste, but smells delicious and looks great.

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