Sep 19, 2012

The king of the fish pies

Credit: my mom made this and this was her idea. It's a brilliant idea. I loved it. Then I tried to do it myself and failed miserably at it, but it's still a brilliant idea.

Mix fish filet with mashed potatoes (from a box), add cut up onions and some spice. Mix in a blender or food processor. Pour the thick mixture into a Teflon lined oven pan and put in oven. That's pretty much it.

The key is how watery to make the mashed potatoes, so that they're a bit more wet than normal, but not so fluidy that the pie falls apart the moment it's out.

Other than that, it's pretty simple....
Put some random vegs in another pan in the oven at the same time. Both should be ready at the same time.

The other dish on the table is salted salmon, raw. You buy raw salmon, put salt on it, and leave in the fridge for a couple days. The result is fish that melts in your mouth.

And rye bread.

It was probably the most delicious dinner I ate in my entire life. Or at the very least, my top five.

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